Selfie Leslie Return and Exchange Policy (Refund Process)

Selfie Leslie Return and Exchange Policy (Refund Process)

When it comes to excellent and current fashion products, you have already heard of Selfie Leslie and its mind-blowing collections and services.

But, even though we adore the website and frequently buy its newest fashions, it’s also crucial to understand Selfie Leslie’s return policies and how to return items to the store, as it can be challenging to shop online.

Your order wasn’t exactly as shown in the photographs. The color was drastically off, or the size was not accurate. No one wants to be forced to use a product they don’t desire, regardless of the circumstance! 

So keep reading, as We are here to inform you of Selfie Leslie’s return policy, refund process, exchange policy, and much more.

Selfie Leslie Return Policy

If you choose to return an item bought from Selfie, you have a period of 30 days. You must create your return label to return the Selfie Leslie item within the first 14 days of acquiring it.

The merchandise, such as clean and unwashed, must also be in good condition when it is returned.

Selfie Leslie will only approve a product after evaluating the requirements if it falls under an offer or discount.

You cannot return the item after it has been purchased for $XX.50 or discounted by at least 40% during the Final Sale.

These are the main guidelines set down by Selfie Leslie that must be maintained to return your item.

Selfie Leslie Return process

Returning the Selfie Leslie apparel was a simple affair. You must first find a selfie Leslie return bar if you want to return a product because you were dissatisfied with it. 

Then, when returning the item, you must make sure that all applicable policies are followed. If everything is fine, you must pay the $9.75 return fee.

After that, you can complete Selfie Leslie’s product return procedures by scanning a QR code.

How Can You Return Items to Selfie Leslie?

  • Visit the online returns page.
  • Find a Return Bar in your area. 
  • To complete your return, scan your QR code. 
  • Get your credit in under a minute.
  • Alternatively, you could mail your return and wait two to three weeks for reimbursement. 

Note: Due to irregular or excessive return histories, Selfie Leslie reserves the right to limit, refuse, or reject customer returns at any time.

Selfie Leslie Return Condition 

At Selfie Leslie, customers can shop for their favorite clothing, but first, a few conditions must be met for the company to allow a return.

Within the first 30 days of purchasing the item, the consumer must return it.

The item is no longer returnable if the consumer cannot return it within 30 days.

The consumer must also pay the return charge before sending the item to selfie Leslie.

Return Conditions 

  • Create your return label within fourteen days of receiving your product.
  • Within 30 days, mail the item back or bring it to a Return Bar.
  • After 30 days, returns need shipping and are non-refundable.
  • The product should be fresh, unwashed, unmarked, and unscented.
  • Swimwear, bodysuits, perfume, undergarments, styling accessories, jewelry, products, items that have had their tags removed, and other items that are not returnable.
  • Attach the sanitary liners and product tags.
  • Last-sale items feature discounts of 40% or more or prices that end at $XX.50. They cannot be returned.

Selfie Leslie Refund Policy 

Within 30 days of purchase, Selfie Leslie will refund any items that meet the earlier requirements for merchandise returns. Selfie Leslies return shipping is $9.75. Returns for store credit are free. 

There is no refund for store credit. There are two returns from Selfie Leslie:

1. Returns are accepted at a “Return Bar”

Happy Returns by Selfie Leslie delivers long-lasting benefits. Instant refunds are given through Return Bars.

2. Postal returns

Cashback and refunds at stores in 2–3 weeks are needed for mail returns. Refund times may vary depending on your bank and the state of the merchandise. 

Does Selfie Leslie Have Free Returns? 

Most places in the US provide free returns to customers. However, as Selfie Leslie has a free return policy, you cannot use it if you bought any merchandise from them.

Selfie Leslie charges a $9.75 return fee for each item returned. Thus, the return fees are not that straightforward.

Selfie Leslie Exchange Policy

Returning goods to Selfie Leslie is far more difficult and time-consuming than exchanging a product with her.

There is no exchange charge; however, the products being swapped must be in the same condition as those returned.

We hope that this Selfie Leslie Return Policy information has been helpful to you. Besides here you can find return and refund policies for similar shopping sites including

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