Does Walmart Sell Flowers? (Flower Types, Price and Much More)

Does Walmart Sell Flowers? (Flower Types, Price and Much More)

Does Walmart Sell Flowers In 2023?

Yes, there is a huge range of garden-fresh flowers available at Walmart. Whether you are looking for fresh and beautiful roses or big sunflowers, you can get a wide variety of flowers at a Walmart store. Some other flower varieties include chrysanthemums, marigolds, lilies, gerberas, and many more fresh-cut flowers at amazing prices. However, the price of any flower depends upon a particular time of year and its availability in that season. But, generally, you can get Walmart flowers that will cost you anything around $5-$100, which varies across different bouquets and flowers. 

If you are looking for a last-minute gift and have no idea what to get, Walmart may be able to help! We took the time to check and see which flowers they had in stock. As it turns out, they offer carnations, daffodils, hydrangeas, lilacs, tulips, and more.

There is a wide variety of beautiful flowers available at Walmart stores which you can get for a fair price. Walmart sells flowers in various colors and sizes for a great price. (Walmart store locator)

The flowers are available for purchase online, making your purchase that much easier. In addition, most of the flowers are kept in water instead of being dried out. Therefore, you do not need to worry about curing your flowers after purchasing them.

They also have a wide selection of beautiful vases at different prices, which is just one more reason to choose Walmart to buy flowers from!

Types of Flowers Available At Walmart

As mentioned, Walmart sells flowers in a variety of colors and types. They offer carnations, daffodils, hydrangeas, lilacs, and more. You can even find tulips available for sale.

The flower shop at Walmart offers a great selection of flowers at a very affordable price. 

The flowers are available in a wide variety of vases and styles that you can choose from.

You can even find balloons to go with your bouquet if you buy them together! They offer many different types of flower arrangements in different colors that are available at the store.

Below are a few of the arrangements they offer at Walmart:

  • Pansies

Bright yellow, white, and red pansies are available for purchase. Moreover, there is a variety of small and large pansy bouquets to choose from. Typically, the pansy bouquets are presented in smaller vases, which helps to reduce the cost.

  • Carnations

Carnations are on sale in various colors, such as hot pink, purple, and red. These lovely flowers are affordable and enhance the appearance of different vase styles that you can select to accompany your purchase.

  • Daffodils

There are many different colors of daffodils available as well. You can choose from white, yellow, and orange, to name a few. These flowers are also relatively inexpensive. However, they are more expensive than the carnations but worth it!

  • Lilies

The lilies that you can buy at Walmart are white, yellow, and a few red varieties. There is also an assortment of beautiful vases to choose from, so you can put your flowers in whichever style most suits your tastes!

Walmart’s flowers vary in size and style under several different price brackets. The best part is you get fresh garden-cut flowers at Walmart. So whatever you pick, you will get the best quality fresh flowers to gift to your loved ones. 

How Much Do You Have To Pay For Flowers At Walmart?

Walmart offers its customers the best quality flowers for their money. When you get your flowers there, you can easily get a dozen flowers you choose for anything from around $5 to $40. Of course, if you want more than that, they will charge what they charge per dozen. 

For people who want some beautiful flower displays, you will have to pay anything between $50 to 4100. However, you can check out their website to see other plants and flowers they offer!

The flower shop at Walmart also sells a wide variety of vases and bouquets at various prices that are just as beautiful as their bouquets. 

If you’ve purchased something from Walmart and want to return it without a receipt, you can check out Walmart’s Return Policy Without Receipt for more information.

Are Walmart Flowers Of Good Quality?

Your flowers will be fresh and of high quality. The flowers will arrive in the best condition. In addition, they can also be delivered to your loved one when you are too far away to go shopping and choose the right flower bouquet!

Walmart has been a trusted name for many years now in the flower industry, which is good news for all its customers.

So you can be assured of quality flowers and still save money on buying them. The flowers that Walmart sells are available at very affordable prices, and they have a wide selection to choose from. 

Does Walmart Sell Artificial Flowers?

Apart from the beautiful fresh flower, Walmart also offers some of the best quality artificial flowers for decoration purposes.

In addition, they also provide flower seeds, fake flowers, decorative pots, and additional gardening accessories and tools for their customers.

What Else Can You Get At Walmart?

At Walmart, you can also find bouquets that come with balloons. The great thing is that you have the freedom to select the balloon you want to include in your bouquet.

The balloons will be delivered along with your bouquet on the specific day you choose. Moreover, there is a wide variety of colorful balloons available, enhancing your shopping experience even more.

Walmart has customers from over 80 countries around the world! They offer an excellent range of items that you can buy from their flower shop at any store, such as balloons, plants, floral arrangements, floral gifts, and other home décor items. You will find a wide variety of products that you can buy from Walmart if it is related to flowers.

Besides, if you are looking to purchase flowers from other stores, you can also visit and buy flowers from CVS, Walgreens, and Aldi.

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