Does CVS Sell Flowers? (Flowers Types + Prices)

Does CVS Sell Flowers? (Flowers Types + Prices)

Yes! Now CVS also offers a wide variety of fresh flowers for their customer. The variety includes fresh daffodil, gerberas, rose, sunflower, marigold, orchids, etc. You can get all these varieties any day at a nearby CVS store.

However, the stocks and varieties are multiplied on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, New Year, Christmas, etc. So, visit a nearby CVS store, and you can get the best flowers to gift to your special ones at a special price.

CVS provides many services for people who don’t have time to prepare their meals, but what about people who want to buy flowers for themselves or others? After all, CVS is there for you in every hard time. So, yes, they do sell flowers in CVS stores.

I just happened upon this while looking through one of the Dollar Spot drawers (they’re pretty hidden if you don’t know what you’re going for). The process is super easy. Just walk up to the customer service desk and tell them that you sell flowers. They’ll give you a number that closes off your sale from other shoppers in the store.

What Are The Few Common Varieties Of Flowers At CVS Stores?

There are so many excellent services you can get at CVS stores. When you talk about flowers, the variety bank of flowers at CVs is quite extensive. Here’s a rundown of flowers you can get at CVS stores

  • Sweet Peas – There are several varieties of sweet peas in CVS stores. I believe that the sweet peas at CVS will be enough variety for most people as they’re not too common and pretty standard for farms around the US.
  • Lavender – I can’t tell you much about Lavender since it’s not something I have much experience with. But in many cases, lavenders come from Chile or Spain.
  • Sunflowers – These flowers are always used for decoration, and they come from many different places like France, China, Japan, etc.
  • Clovers – Clovers are the most common and are available year-round, but Violets and Roses are also available (all year round).
  • Lilies – As far as I can tell, CVS does not sell exotic lily varieties such as anemones or tiger lilies, but they do sell common white and purple varieties.
  • Narcissus – Narcissus are available in spring and summer and come mainly from China (I believe).
  • Alstroemeria – These flowers are usually sold in stores during the winter months, but sometimes they’re sold year-round. There are different kinds of Alstroemeria flowers at different times, like pink or white ones.

Just order your favorite pair in a single thread or bouquet at CVS. You will also be able to get a deal and discount if you are a regular customer at CVS. On special occasions, CVS increases their stock and varieties for their customers.

Does CVS Sell Artificial or Fake Flowers?

No, CVS does not sell fake flowers. If you want artificial flowers you can buy them from Dollar General, Target, Walgreens and Walmart Store.

What Is The Best Time To Flowers At CVS?

Flowers at CVS are available year-round, but the best time to buy them is around the holiday season when they’re most popular. Some CVS stores with cold storage facilities also offer flowers not present in season.

But make sure the check prices as off-season flowers are commonly expensive than the rest. Also, if you are thinking of buying a particular flower breed, it is best to contact your CVS store before visiting them. You can also check the cart of your nearby CVs store through their online platform.

What Else Can I Expect To See On The CVS Flower Department?

When you first walk up to the customer service desk, there will be a sign that says “Checkout Flowers” that has pricing and other information.

It’ll tell you how much you can expect to pay for the flowers and when they’re available. Then there’s a box that says “No Open Flowers” inside which you can choose which type of flowers you’d like to purchase.

Next, you can either check off the names of the varieties that you want or just put them in a regular line. This example is for Lavender. At this point, the cashier will sell your flowers cart and take an order number for your flower sales (the number on the left). This way, other shoppers in their store have to wait until your sale is closed off before they can buy anything from other customers’ carts in this section.

Then the cashier will take your money and put your name on a list (on the left side of this image).

This is very important because if your flowers are sold before you get to the checkout counter to pay, then you’ll have to wait until someone else gets their sale closed off before you can pay for your flowers.

And if there are a lot of shoppers in line, then you might have to wait for a while and eventually give up.

Can You Buy Flowers At Online Website Of CVS?

For customers who cannot visit stores, CVS also offers an online flower shopping facility. Just visit and order your flowers for today or next-day delivery.

They have an excellent selection of fresh-cut flowers and add-ons to gift for your special ones. If you are buying from a CVS Pharmacy Store, you will be asked to place your order using the phone number listed on your prescription label.

You must print out the prescription label information from the pharmacy counter so you can use it to buy flowers.

How Many Flowers Cost At CVS?

I checked out CVS’s flower department prices online, and they’re pretty standard. The prices are as follows:

  • Rose – $29.49 (older packages of roses are cheaper)
  • Lavender – $7.99 (the most common Lavender)
  • Sunflower – $9.99 (older packages of sunflowers are cheaper)
  • Narcissus – $11.99 (same as above for narcissus)

You can also get some offers at both the physical and online stores of CVS. Buying the seasonal flowers and that in the bunch will also save you more money.

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If you are looking for a perfect gift for your special ones, then buying fresh flowers from CVS can be an option for you. Flowers tend to cherish a person’s mood and bring joy to the soul. Now you can buy almost any variety of garden-picked fresh flowers with CVs stores.

Just visit the CVS store near your house or visit their online store to get the best deal on beautiful flowers.

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