Does Aldi Sell Flowers? (Types, Prices, Quality + Reviews)

Does Aldi Sell Flowers? (Types, Prices, Quality + Reviews)

Does Aldi Sells Flowers In 2023?

You can learn all there is to know about Aldi’s flower area in this post, including the cost, availability, and other crucial information.

We will examine the varieties of flowers offered by Aldi, the costs involved, and how their quality stacks up against that of other supermarkets.

Aldi Flowers: What Are They?

Aldi is a German company that’s famous for its low-priced grocery store called the ALDI. In the past few years, Aldi has expanded to include flowers, garden supplies, pet food, and more. The concept of Aldi gardens is to offer people the chance to be more ‘green’ and environmentally responsible.

For people on a budget, the cheapest place to buy flowers is in Aldi stores. They typically have a wide variety of flower arrangements for a few dollars. You can find daisies, roses, orchids, carnations, and just about any other flower you might want from Aldi.

What Flower Types are Available at Aldi?

Aldi offers a wide variety of flowers. The available flowers depend on the season and availability, so it is best to call Aldi directly if you are looking for something specific.

The types of flowers that are available at Aldi include roses, tulips, lilies, daisies, peonies, and more. Aldi offers a variety of flower types at affordable prices. 

There are fresh flowers, silk flowers, and outdoor potted plants. In addition to flowers, they offer garden supplies like decorative pots and planters.

Aldi has four flower formulas that come in a variety of colours. Their formula for average household bouquets is about $4, which is cheaper than at some other stores. However, their premium grade bouquet can be as much as double this price. 

If you want to get an idea of what different types there are and prices vary based on type, click the small “buy” link just below the main listing of flowers from Aldi.

The Aldi flower selection changes often, so it’s always a good idea to check their website for the most current inventory. There are two types of flowers that you can typically find at Aldi:

  • Cut flowers that come in bunches of three or four stems.
  • Potted plants are great if you don’t have a green thumb but still want to enjoy fresh-cut flowers like tulips, daffodils, etc.

There are many types of flowers available at Aldi. The most popular ones are fresh-cut flowers and potted flowers, live plants, dried plants, wreaths, and bouquets are also available.

Aldi Special Events and Seasonal Flowers

Aldi offers seasonal and special occasion flowers, including Mother’s Day flowers, Easter Flowers, Valentine’s Day flowers, Christmas (or holiday) lights, and more.

The seasonal assortment is usually around Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve. Be aware that some of the seasonal items are not available in all stores, during the Christmas season Aldi has a wreath section with a variety of styles and sizes.

Aldi has seasonal flowers but doesn’t sell them all year round. In the spring, they have tulips and daffodils while in other seasons they have poinsettias or Christmas trees. 

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How Much Do Flowers Cost at Aldi?

Aldi sells flowers for $5.99 and $6.99, which is cheaper than other stores!

You can find Aldi flower prices on the company’s website and see that they’re very affordable. The company offers many flower bouquets and plants.

In the winter months, you’ll find poinsettias, Christmas trees, and other holiday plants. They have a variety of plants, flowers, and gift hampers as well. Aldi sells flowers in packs of 10 or 12. The packs are priced between $5.99 and $6.99, which is on the cheaper end of the spectrum. 

For example, at Walmart, you can find a pack of 10 roses for around $13. Aldi has a great selection of flowers, and they know how to keep the prices low. Buying flowers at Aldi can save you up to 50% compared to some other stores. They offer a wide variety of fresh flowers that are available in season.

Where Can You Find Aldi Flower Bouquets?

Aldi flower bouquets can be found at most of their retail stores and online as well. They offer same-day online delivery Canada-wide and convenient in-store pickup at many locations across North America. To keep prices low, they don’t have a traditional call centre but rather use text message technology with automated responses when contacted if inquiries are made outside of stores’ regular hours.

Aldi’s selection of flowers includes chrysanthemums, roses, orchids, sunflowers, and tulips. They have an arrangement made of purple five-sided tiles that provides a unique design.

There are many combinations of different types of flowers on the website making it easy to find the perfect bouquet for any occasion. Marriage proposals? Birthdays? For newlyweds? For when you just need to tell someone you care about them? The Aldi flower available might make your decision simpler!

The Best Type of Flowers to Buy at Aldi

Florists are a great place to buy flowers and there are some nice kinds in Aldi. Although African Violets require soil and fertiliser, they’re cheaper at Aldi than from a florist and look beautiful sitting on someone’s desk. 

The Everlast Rose is the most popular flower sold at Aldi. They come in many colours including white, red, orange, yellow, dark pink, light pink, and purple. They last for about 10 days and then can be thrown out with the vase if you don’t want to reuse it! Aldi also has a cheap bouquet of mixed stems that looks pretty with long-lasting flowers like amaryllis, Godetia, carnations, or anemones.

Aldi Flowers Quality 

Aldi flowers are often thought of as inferior quality. This is not always the case. They do have a unique, sharp smell that throws some people off, but this is common among many plants and flowers. 

Aldi includes customer reviews in their product display area for the flowers which allow you to hear about others’ experiences with these products before you purchase. According to a study completed by the Huffington Post, only Aldi has available for cheaper flowers. The quality difference is that ALDI has the lowest quality out of all stores studied. They are not chemically treated to maintain the colouring and scent.

Aldi Flowers Reviews

The decision of whether Aldi flowers are worth the buy comes down to personal preference. customers are generally happy with the freshness of their flowers when compared to those found at other stores.

Aldi offers two types of floral arrangements:

  • One-time purchases and monthly subscriptions.
  • One-time purchases include three flowers, such as a small bunch of roses, a bouquet of tulips, or a mixed variety. 

Monthly subscriptions are available in three different variations:

Forever Young (flat vase), Forever Blooming (angled vase), and Blooming’ Up (tall vase). The Forever Young plan has one fresh flower arrangement delivered for $6.99 each month, The Forever Blooming plan features two fresh flowers for $8.99 per month, and the Blooming’ Up plan has three fresh flowers for $9.99 each month.

In addition, If you are looking for other stores that sell flowers, you can also see our post on if CVS sells flowers.

Before shopping at Aldi you should go through ALDI Return and Exchange Policy.


The Aldi Flower shop makes an impact on those looking for economical prices, a beautiful selection of flowers, and including essentials, and chocolate. Aldi Flowers is an amazing retailer for people who are on a budget, with basic flower starts that you can get for $6.00 or less

Aldi sells flowers in 50 countries around the world. They have a large variety of gorgeous bouquets, ranging from $2 to $5. If you’re looking for more expensive flowers, Aldi also has an extensive range of seedlings and plants that could provide the perfect addition to your garden or house.

If you want to buy flowers for your loved ones and you are on a budget, then Aldi might be the place for you. They sell both bouquets and bundles of cut flowers, which are perfect for any occasion. The prices are low, but the quality is still great.


1. What Are Their Prices?

In most cases, your Aldi flowers will be less expensive than at traditional supermarkets or florists.

2. Is Aldi a decent location to buy birthday and holiday gifts?

Aldi sells a broad variety of flowers. You may purchase flower bouquets, corsages, and buttonholes, as well as other accessories, to personalise your present.

3. When does Aldi replenish its flower section?

Aldi is a flower-selling grocery store chain. Flowers are only restocked on specific days of the week and when they are in season.

4. Can I place a custom order for flowers at Aldi?

Yes, you can get personalised flowers from Aldi. You may also change the kind and colour of the flowers, as well as the container style.

5. Does Aldi sell good flowers?

Aldi flowers are an excellent choice for individuals looking to conserve money without sacrificing quality.

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