Cotton On Return Policy: Easy Refund & Exchange Policy

Cotton On Return Policy: Easy Refund & Exchange Policy

Many times people want to know about the return policy of Cotton On, because they purchased products or want to purchase products from cotton on. Do you also purchased any products or thinking to purchase any new products from cotton on?

Do you have doubts regarding shopping from cotton on, like the “Cotton On return policy”, 

Payment refunding process and time taken by the process and more queries such as?

We will cover very well such queries in this post.

About Cotton On

Cotton On is the largest global product retailer company with more than 1400 stores in 18 countries. Only in the United States do they have 160 Stores in this country, and sell various types of products such as cotton on kids, typo, and cotton on the body.

This company is more famous for its fashionable cloth and stationery. Return policy can vary from country to country.

So what is cotton on return policy? What are the time limits to return or exchange an item, is a product receipt required at the time of exchange or return of the products and so?

Cotton On has a return policy based on the principle of “change your mind at any time”.

There are no time limits to return or exchange products. You can do it any time whenever your mind is changed. But the product should be in new condition and not be destroyed or faulty. the product receipt or payment proof is required to return or exchange any products.

What is the Cotton On Return Policy?

You can return your item to a company by the following steps which are mentioned further. The cotton-on return policy is called ‘change your mind anytime’.

that means there is no specific time limit for the return back of the product to the company.

You can exchange products at any time except for a few things which are mentioned below.

You can also return the faulty product. This process can be done in a very simple manner by email or directly throughout the store. However, you should be required for the receipt of the product which is getting to be returned. 

Where I Can Return the Product?

If you purchased any of the products from the cotton-on stores, then you should return the product to the store.

it will never get returned throughout the online process. If you are purchasing any product through the then you can return this product at the store or can ship it back throughout the online process.

Is There Any Time Limit to Return Back any Item?

As per Cotton On, you don’t have any specific time limit for return back the product. You can change your mind at any time but there is one condition that should be filled by you.

The product should be in new condition meaning unwashed and should be with the tag and labels of the company.

Can I Return or Exchange the Faulty Items?

If you purchased any of the products from the Cotton on company and when you open the product it can be a probability of faulting.

In this case, cotton on will have legal responsibility and obligation to the country in which it was purchased. 

Return & Refund Exception

In the return and exchange policy of cotton on there is some exception that cannot be returned back to the company.

  1. Earrings,
  2. Cosmetics,
  3. Gift card,
  4. Sample products,
  5. Charity items,
  6. Underwear,
  7. Smile makers products, 
  8. Customized personalized items and
  9. Third-party brands

Can I Return an Item to Cotton On Without a Receipt?

Yes, you should be required to receipt the purchased product. if you don’t have receipts of the product then it can never back returned to the store or by the online process.

You should have any proof regarding the purchased item, then it can have the probability to return the item. Cotton On may accept the payment receipts as proof.

How To Return Product Which Is Purchased from Cotton On?

About Offline Purchased Products from Direct Store

If you purchased any of the products from the store then you should return them to the store of the belonging country.

  • For this, you can visit a store of cotton on,
  • Bring the product with you to the store
  • Return it with the receipt

About Online Purchased Products

 If you purchased any product by online process, then you can return that product either at the store or with the help of online shipping.

For the online return of products following steps should be followed

  • Sign in to your account at Cotton on the website
  • Click on order view and select the item which you want to return
  • By clicking on the print button, print your UPS return label
  • Attach the label to the product 
  • Send it via the nearest post office

In the case of online purchasing, you can proceed further with the process of return back of the product after sending an Email or via post to the cotton on.

when you return the product to the company, you can exchange it for another product or can take for instance a refund.

You can return items purchased by online shipping but you cannot exchange these items throughout the process of online shipping, for this you must go into a store. 

How Long Does Take the Process of Returning an Item?

Your refund will not be instant if you ship it back, it will take up to more than 8 days to return process. It is the time required by the process to return or exchange the product 

Is The Item Can be Returned or Exchanged for Free?

Yes, this process is fully free to proceed for the exchange or return of the items. No extra payment is required for exchange or return the product.


  1. In the case of online purchases, refundable payment will not include the shipping cost of the product.
  2. For return back product receipt or payment proof will required. 
  3. Some products can not be returned, as mentioned above. 
  4. A hygiene sticker and swing tag should be attached otherwise the item will not return. 
  5. Item must be in its original form. 
  6. Your personal required details will be asked for return or exchange.
  7. Shipping costs can be refunded on faulty items if the entire order is returned.


1. Can The return policy vary from country to country?

Yes, it can vary from one country to another country but almost is the same.

2. How many days can be taken for the payment refund?

Almost 8 days are required to proceed with this process of refund payment. This process can take an approximate time of 8 days to do it.

3. Can I return or exchange the item after one year?

Yes, You can do it at any time whenever your mind is changed that’s why the cotton on return policy is also called ‘change your mind anytime’.

4. Does Cotton On allow you to return online purchased items to any Cotton On store?

Yes, If You Purchased any product online you can return or exchange it at the cotton on store with proof of purchase.

5. Is the item can be returned or exchanged for free?

Yes, this process is free to proceed. You don’t require to pay an extra payment.

We hope that this Cotton on Return guide has been helpful to you. Besides here you can find return and refund policies for similar shopping sites including Reformation, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Boohoo, PacSun, and many more.

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