Big 5 Return Policy – Exchange and Refund Process

Big 5 Return Policy – Exchange and Refund Process

Have you purchased any items from Big 5 like shoes, guns, mattresses, or any sporting goods? Are you not satisfied with your product and want to return it again? Want to return your item to the Big 5? or

Did you get a damaged product and want to return it?

Is Big 5 product not fulfilling your expectations and want to return your product?

In this post, we will cover all the doubts and aspects related to the Big 5 sporting goods return policy.

After reading this first you will be able to return your product in a very easy manner and simple process.

What is the Big 5 Return Policy?

You can return your purchased item to the Big 5 within 90 days from the date of purchase. Items receipt will be required at the time of return.

You will not receive your store credit or refund without any receipt Most of the products can be returned to the Big 5 in their original condition with the product’s original receipt.

Product refunds from the store can be made in cash form or its original method of payment. you can easily return any product at the store which is purchased online by the website.

You can easily return your product except for a few items. The original receipt of any other order payment proof is required at the time of return product.

You are also eligible to return the product at the physical store which is purchased online from the website.

Big 5 Exchange Policy

You can exchange your product within 90 days from the date of purchase or delivery.

You can replace your product with another product. The process of exchanging the product is the same as returning the product which is mentioned below in this post.

Valid proof of the product its receipt and original packaging or similar packing of the product would be required.

The shipping cost of the exchange product would be required.

Big 5 Refund Policy

If you return your product to the Big 5 sporting goods, you will get your full refund. The shipping or delivery cost would not be refundable.

The shipping cost will be deducted from your refund. After excluding shipping costs you will get your whole refund.

The refund of payment can be made in its original method of payment. It can be store credit or in cash form.

Can I Return the Product Without a Receipt?

Yes, in some cases you can return your product without a receipt but other valid proof or valid documents for return will be required before returning your product.

Your product return request will be accepted after the verification of your valid identification or other valid proof. 

The required legal document or identification document which would be required is mentioned below

  1. A valid photo of the person who has purchased the product would be required.
  2. Order number payment proof is any other legal rope related to the purchase order would be required.
  3. All the products which are getting returned without a receipt, the refund of that product can be made in only store credit form. 
  4. The time limit still remains 90 days.
  5. Gift cards with purchases will be refunded by a new gift card or cashed out.

How Can I Return My Product to the Big 5

You can return your product in two ways, online and at the store.

Product Return Packaging

Process of Returning a Product to The Store

  1. You should be required valid proof or receipt of that product
  2. the original shipping would be required otherwise the extra charges need to be paid to the Big 5.
  3. In case of do not have the original shipping or packaging, you can return that product in a similar packaging for shipping.
  4. after packaging in the product’s original packaging, you can return this product at your nearest Big 5 store.
  5. bring the original receipt of the product along with you at the time of returning the product.
  6. after this, you can make a request to the store operator for returning your product.

Online Returning Process

You can return your product by the website or another mode in which you had purchased or by Email

  1. You can return your product within 90 days
  2. To return the product online you would be required an RMA number. RMA number would be provided by the Big 5 with the help of customer service
  3. To return the product through the online process also requires a product receipt
  4. Pack the product in its original packaging and shipping.
  5. Log in to your Big 5 account and make a return request to the Big 5
  6. After this, you will get the information and address from the big five to return your product.
  7. Ship the product to the given address by Big 5.
  8. You will get a refund in the form of Store Credit or in its original method of payment.
  9. The important note that should remember you would not get your delivery or shipping refund
  10. Online purchased products can be returned at the Big 5 store.

Can I Return the Damaged Product?

Yes, you can return the damaged product if you received a damaged product from the big five. To return the damaged product is the legal responsibility of the Big 5.

condition for the returned damaged product

  • You would be required valid proof of receipt of that product
  • You can return any damaged product within 90 days from the date of purchase
  • The product must be in an unused, original, unworn, unopened, and saleable condition which means in its original condition.
  • You can return your product through the above-given process in two ways, online and Physical Store.
  • The original Packaging of the product would be required

Big 5 Return Exceptions Product

There are some exceptions to the product. some products which cannot be returned via a two-way, online, and physical Store.

  • Firearms
  • Air mattresses
  • Bats
  • Eyewear

Summary of the Return Policy

Time limits for return90 days
Damaged productCan be returned
About used productNot returned
Online return Yes
Big 5 has exceptionsYes, as mentioned above
Original packaging Required
Refund payment formOriginal method of payment


1. What are the time limits of return the product to the Big 5?

The time limit of return any product is 90 days from the date of purchase or delivery

2. Can I return my product without a receipt to the Big 5?

Yes, you can your product to the Big 5 without a receipt but valid proof or identity proof would be required as mentioned above.

3. Is The original packaging would be required to return the product of Big 5?

Yes, the original shipping or packaging of the product would be required. If you don’t have it you can ship or package the product in a similar package.

4. Can I return the used product?

No, you can not return or exchange a used product

5. Can I return the damaged product?

Yes, if you received a damaged product from Big 5, you can return your product.

6. Would I get a full refund?

Yes, after deducting shipping and delivery cost you will get your refund.

We hope that this Big 5 Sporting Goods Return Information has been helpful to you. Besides this, you can find return and refund policies for similar shopping sites including

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