Backcountry Return Policy: Free and Easy Refund

Backcountry Return Policy: Free and Easy Refund

How You Can Return Product to the Backcountry?

Want to return your product? 

Need a different size of the product?

Facing any problems regarding the backcountry products?

It didn’t satisfy your expectation?

Want to refund your payment?

If yes, then this guide is very helpful for you. In this post, we are going to be covered all aspects related to the return policy of the backcountry. it will help you a lot to return your product.

The return policy of Backcountry is very confusing but we will simplify this process for you.

After reading this article, you can easily return your product by following some steps.

Backcountry usually refers to is an online retailer that sells clothing and specializes in outdoor gear for mountain biking, winter sports, rafting, hiking, road and trail running, and so on.

It was founded in 1996 by Jim Holland and John Bresee and is based in Park City, Utah, United States.

Requirements for Return Online and Store Purchased Products

Unused Gear which can be returned at any Time

You can return the unused gear at any time, whenever you think to return it. But it should not be used as gear or product.

At the time of return or shipping back you should require a purchase proof of gear.

Without receipt or gear purchasing proof you can not return your product. The refundable payment of returned product can be made in its original method.

Unused gear must be returned in the same condition. It should not be faulty or subjected to wear and tear or any other type of depreciation.

The gear/product must be returned in which condition in which you received it.

The product only can be returned in only its original box or shipping box.

They will not accept the return packaging of gear in any other box. And most important to notice is that the item should be with the manufacturer’s tag.

The original tag should be attached to the item otherwise the item will not be eligible for return.

The payment can be refunded in the form of store credit if the original method is temporarily not available. 

Can You Return Used and Undamaged Gear Within 30 Days?

Yes, if you used an item/gear this can be returned only under a period of 30 Days. These 30 days are counted from the delivery of the item. After passing out this period you are not eligible to return the used item/gear.

After passing out the time period of 30 days, only you can return that item that is not being used.

One more important condition in this situation that is the Item/gear should not be faulty or subjected to wear and tear or any other type of depreciation.

That means the damaged item can not be the subject of return. Only the item can be returned in its original condition. Item can not be subject to improper use.

Proof of the purchased item would be required otherwise, the item will not return. Payment can be made in the same method as its original payment method.

If the original method is not available then payment can be refunded in the form of store credit.

Proof of Purchased Item/Gear

The proof of purchased product includes a paper receipt, the order number of the item/gear, or an electronic receipt.

If you are facing any problem regarding this then the backcountry Gearhead customer service team can help you by providing the information for the process to return the item at the store.

For returns by mail, Backcountry can accept proof of purchase using the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.

Can I Return the Products to any Backcountry Stores?

Yes, You can return an item to any of the backcountry stores. it doesn’t have to be to the same store where you purchased the product.

Also, they will not accept E-mail returns of products/items. It can be returned only at any of the stores. Which means you can return the item at any of the backcountry stores.

It is not necessary to return the product at the exact location or at the same store.

Returns of Item/Gear By Email

Just Follow only a Few Steps to return the product by Email.

  1. Find an RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization) of your order in the “Order History” tab of your Account or you can contact Gearhead.
  2. Done repackaging of item/gear with the RMA number on your order. And be sure that the manufacturer tag should be attached.
  3. Send your return item using a carrier of your choice at a UPS location using a prepaid label that you can request after getting your RMA number.

You can return the item/gear using a carrier of your choice or through UPS shipping, below explained in detail.

How To Return Something Using a Prepaid UPS Shipping Label?

Backcountry offers UPS shipping label flat-rate $6.99 for eligible clients within the contiguous U.S. who are returning products that don’t ship transport.

Further, proceed to this process You can either print the UPS label after requesting a return from the Order History in your shopping Account profile of backcountry. 

You can also request that a Gearhead(customer care) email you the label.

The $6.99 price for the UPS shipping label will be charged from the refund or store credit. It is not the obligation of the backcountry. The UPS label price may vary during promotional activities.

How You Can Return the Item Using a Carrier of Your Choice?

  • Open your backcountry account and select “Order History,” found the product which you want to return, and select, “Return this Product.” You will be taken to a screen with the RMA number and your order number. You can also take help from Gearhead to create an RMA number for you.
  • Show or write both the order number and the RMA number on a piece of paper on the inside of the package of the product which is being returned. Also, write legibly to avoid a delay in processing your return.
  • Also, write RMA and order number on the outside of the box and ensure all the information.

Ship and send your returning product to the Returns Department,
2607 South 3200 West, Suite A,
West Valley City, UT 84119,

or Returns Department,
295 Technology Drive,
Christiansburg, VA 24073-7383.

Backcountry Exchange Policy For Item/Gear 

To exchange your item or gear, you can follow the same steps mentioned above about returning the product and can easily place a new order for new shopping. You get delivery of new order fast. It can take some time.

Backcountry Refund Policy For Item/Gear

You can return the unused gear at any time, whenever you think to return it. But it should not be used as gear or product.

At the time of return or shipping back you should require a purchase proof of gear.

if you are returning the unused product at any time then definitely you will get your full refund. 

In the case of a used item, if you used an item/gear this can be returned only under a period of 30 Days.

These 30 days are counted from the delivery of the item/gear. Then you will be eligible to get your full refund.

Can I Return a Damaged or Faulty Product?

Yes, You can also return such products that you got delivered faulty or damaged from the backcountry.

It is the same process as above mentioned about other returned or exchanging of products.

What are Store Credits?

Store credits are issued for returning the purchased product. Store credits expired from the date of issue.

All other store credits expire within 3 months from issuance, including credits issued by a Gearhead or as part of a promotion.

What is RMA Number and How to Create an RMA Number?

RMA stands for Return Merchandise Authorization. RMA is a required number to complete the process of returning or exchanging items/gear. You can create an RMA number with the help of yourself.

You can also contact Gearhead Backcountry’s customer service representative for the RMA number.

  • On live chat to the Gearhead Backcountry’s customer service 
  • By contacting 1-800-409-4502

For creating an RMA number by yourself you should follow only a few easy steps to do it

  1. Log in to your Backcountry account or sign in to your Apple ID or with Facebook or
  2. Find to Order History
  3. Select the order which you want to return and create a unique RMA number.

About Warranty Claims 

Backcountry will return your products that have manufacturer defects. They will help you with warranty replacements.

Contact email for a general warranty. RMA number and order number will be required to proceed with this process.

More things like purchase date, product brand, and a brief description of the issue would be required for it.

You need to attach a photo of that item to request for replacement or return the defective products.

On the basis of the product, backcountry will help you with the replacement or warranty claims.

If you find defects in 30 days, contact Backcountry immediately to Gearhead for store credit or product exchange.

There is some item that can be dealt with directly with replacement or warranty claims.

Big agnesOutdoor Research Mountain Hardwear
CamelbakSmartwool Ortovox
Canada gooseBlack diamondArcteryx
SmithLa SportivaThe north face
ThuleRed wingMarmot

Backcountry Cannot Accept Returns via Email for Certain Products and Hazardous Materials

Backcountry cannot Accept Returns of Certain Products such as powered coolers and portable generators.

If you want to return such Hazardous and Dangerous Materials you required the item to return physically to a retail store.

Items classified as hazardous material may be subject to special labeling or boxing and/or handling requirements when the item is shipped.

Any restrictions on returns will be indicated on the Product Purchase Page.

Backcountry Return Policy General Review 

Relatively Backcountry has a liberal policy towards return, exchange, or replacement of their product without any preset return or exchange window.

You can return Unused Gear which can be returned at any time. used but undamaged gear can be returned only within 30 days from the date on which the item is delivered.

To get a full refund you should return the gear/item in its real condition in which it was being delivered. 

Make sure the item is original in item packaging and other related things.

The company does not accept that product which got damaged by your activity use. 

If your product or item got damaged at the time of shipping or packaging then the repair cost of the item will be charged to you.

Here is an Overview of the Medium Through Which You Can Return Your Item to the Backcountry

Can you begin the return process throughYes/No
Live chatYes by RMA number

 Please Note:

  1. Purchasing items of $500 or more then payment only can be made with cash and refunded by store credit or by check.
  2. package your returned item very carefully. It is your responsibility to pay costs related to the repair of returned items damaged during shipping due to improper packaging.
  3. We cannot accept returns by mail of products purchased at a store.
  4. Products required to ship freight include SUP boards, cargo boxes, car racks, indoor bikes, kayaks, surfboards, and more.


1. Are backcountry returns free or not?

The refundable payment of returned product can be made in its original method. If the original method of payment is unavailable they will issue another method such as store credit. The most important to notice is that the item should be with the manufacturer’s tag.

2. How i can contact backcountry customer service?

On live chat to the Gearhead Backcountry’s customer service and
By contacting 1-800-409-4502

3. RMA number is required?

Yes, it is necessary to attach the RMA number and order number with the item/gear.

4. Is The proof or receipt of the purchased item required or not?

Yes, you would be required purchased item proof or the payment receipt, order number, etc. at the time of the returned item.

We hope that this information has been helpful to you. Besides here you can find return and refund policies for similar stores including

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