ALDI Return Policy: Easy Process for Refund and Exchange

One of the reasons why all people love shopping at ALDI(Grocery Store), because of their Easy return policy.

If you any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of the ALDI product, They gladly replace the product AND refund your money. Here we provide the information on the return policy for food and merchandise with and without a receipt at Aldi store.

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ALDI’s Return Policy

ALDI provides 90 days return after the purchase of the product for citizens of the USA and Canada. However, Australia and The United Kingdom UK ALDI store 60 days return policy.

In general, you can return Most of the products within 90 days after you bought but items should be in original condition or not damaged.

Also, In some cases, ALDI allows returning of the general products. For instance, food products.

How Many Ways to Return Products?

There are mainly two ways to return products

  • Return At ALDI Store
  • Return By Mail

Let’s take a look into the ALDI Return Methods,

How to Return an Item at ALDI Store?

If you want to return or exchange the product due to any valid reasons, then you can directly visit nearest the ALDI store with the original receipt from where you bought it. Find ALDI Store Location

Once your return is accepted, ALDI returns and credits funds on your original form of payment. And this is how you can return your product and get an easy refund of your money.

How to Return ALDI Product via Mail?

Another option apart from the return at the ALDI store is to return an online product. Please follow below simple steps to complete it.

  1. First of all, Go to the ALDI.US Website and login into your account.
  2. Go to Order History.
  3. Click Start Your returns.
  4. Now further, ALDI will guide you through the return process.

Returns Exceptions

ALDS store there are a few exceptions.

Computers and Electronics: These have a 90-day return policy. You must have your receipt and be sure to include all contents and accessories in the original product packaging.

Alcohol: This one depends on the state, and may not be accepted at all stores. If you want to return alcohol to ALDI you should call your local store and ask if it’s possible or not?

Non-Food Items. You can still return non-food items but you won’t get a refund and a replacement, you are only eligible for the exchange or replacement.

Does Receipt Require for the Return?


But if you want a refund to your original form of payment, you’ll definitely need your receipt.

Without a receipt, you’ll have to settle for an ALDI merchandise credit gift card. You’ll get a credit for the current selling price of the item.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Refund from ALDI?

Once your return is accepted, ALDI takes 7 to 10 business days to process your return and credit any funds on your original form of payment.

What is the ALDI Double Guarantee?

As per the ALDI double guarantee, If you are not completely satisfied with the ALDI product, then ALDI will exchange it for free. Even more, they will give you a full refund for that product.

When you are comfortable with the complete information on exchange and returns at the ALDI (Grocery Store), your shopping experience will be better. So, don’t leave any doubts in your mind, Feel free to ask your query in the comments section, and we would be there to help you.

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  1. Woodbridge VA Gordon: Aldi: I bought chocolate and I returned within 48 hours because I bought the wrong kind… The cashier was fine doing my return(I am a frequent customer) and the manager stood looking at me then asked me: why are you returning them? I told her I bought the wrong ones(they were for someone else) and then she told me, They will go to the trash!

    that is why I am asking! but she was extremely rude and upset. the chocolate was untouched, packaged perfectly- I had just purchased it. she was extremely upset and showed it- a long line of people saw her attitude and kept looking at me. In my experience at Aldi, you go there to buy cheaper but their customer service is the worst… I often go to other supermarkets and the experience is worth the extra money


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