Does Walmart Resize Rings » Everything You Need To Know

Does Walmart Resize Rings » Everything You Need To Know

If you’ve found yourself shopping for the perfect ring, but you can’t find one that will fit your finger or is affordable, don’t worry! Take a look at this guide for some tips on getting your ring resized.

Ring Resizing at Walmart

It is crucial that the size and fit are right, but Walmart doesn’t offer in-person ring resizing. You can save money by using their partner jewelers to get the job done. The cost of re-sizing will depend on the type of ring you are having your stone removed or added to.

If you want to resize a ring at Walmart, If the size of your ring has become too big or too small, it may need to be sized.

Walmart Resize Ring

How Much Does It Cost To Resize A Ring At Walmart?

The cost will depend on the type of work required and will most likely be up to $20. To resize a ring, it could cost between $20 and $60, more like an upsize because that would require resizing the entire band rather than one side of the ring.

What Types of Rings Are Available at Walmart?

Dozens of different styles are on sale at Walmart, from diamond rings to engagement rings to men’s rings to wedding bands. If your finger size changes, Walmart offers a third-party jeweler to resize rings.

You don’t need to take your ring to a professional jeweler to have it resized if you ask Walmart. Your request will go straight to one of their contracted partner professionals.

Is It Safe To Resize Rings at Walmart?

Designers and jewelers work diligently at Walmart to produce quality jewelry that’s sold at a low price. However, it’s important to know that resizing applies to select rings. If you want to resize a ring with lots of gemstones or diamonds, you need to know that some stones in the ring might be destroyed as not all stones are ideal for sizing.

Does Walmart Resize All The Rings?

If you would like to resize a ring at Walmart, though, there is only one size they will do and the styles they offer might not be the style that you have purchased elsewhere. This means that resizing opportunities are limited to rings in materials like metal – such as gold, silver, and platinum.

If your ring is made of other materials like ceramic, wood, and silicone, the jeweler will refuse to resize them. Marking a set of gems is difficult because most jewelers won’t resize rings that have cubic zirconia or gemstones around the band.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to get a ring resized through Walmart?

Walmart doesn’t offer in-store ring sizing services. The resizing of your Walmart rings relies on a partner jeweler. In the case of rings, you might experience some waiting time. However, if you would like a completely new replacement ring after resizing, it’s possible to get your ring back quickly.

Will the store where I brought my ring size it up?

This is not possible because Walmart’s resizing service is done by another professional. They send your ring to a partner jeweler to get it resized.

You might be interested in artificial flowers and real flowers, which Walmart sells, if you’re planning for a wedding.


Those lucky enough to find what they need at Walmart may only be able to purchase their resized ring one time without an additional cost. However, after the second time, your ring needs to be sized, and you will need to cover any additional costs below. Most of the time, the jeweler will send your ring back to Walmart in about seven or ten days. If you request a resize during a busy time or a peak month it will extend the process by around six to eight weeks.

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