Shein Curve Review: Shopping from Shein Curve is a Win or Loss

Shein Curve Review: Shopping from Shein Curve is a Win or Loss

Every manufacturer claims to provide comfortable, contemporary, in-fashion apparel to all body shapes and huge body sizes clothing without sacrificing the quality; Shein curve is one of them.

Yet, honestly, do they cover all body forms, and are their claims valid? In this post, you’ll learn that Shopping from Shein Curve is a win or loss from Shein Curve Reviews. Besides, here’s a quick refresher before going on.

What is Shein Curve?

Shein Curve is a Shein brand subgroup that provides clothing for those with curvier and bigger bodies. It is a fast fashion e-commerce business that creates trendy and inexpensive clothing for ladies with larger bodies.

Shein Curve

Shein Curve Shopping Pros

Shein Curve clothing updates its assortment to keep up with contemporary trends. Shein Curve can help you add to your wardrobe or upgrade it.

This Shein Curve review discovered many happy customers on the brand’s website. Its design and fit impressed reviewers.

Price – 5/5

Shein manufactures affordable apparel.

As a fast-fashion firm, Shein always has the latest trends and styles.

While plus-sized apparel is usually more expensive, Shein Curve is a terrific location to locate cheap options.

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Quality – 3.5/5

Given the pricing, the quality will differ from luxury or premium brands.

Fast fashion means speedy production, so quantity may trump quality depending on what you want.

You’ll likely be satisfied if you shop based on five-star evaluations. Omit, Shein Curve plus buyers were satisfied.

After seeing reviews in the past about sheen that aren’t possible I decided not to buy from them. Well after speaking with my cousin she advised me their clothes are brilliant and I should give them a try, I am glad I did.

I started off with a small order as I knew know hard would be done if I didn’t like the clothes but I loved them. When going on holiday now I fill my suitcase with all Shein’s clothing I could recommend highly.


Size – 3.5/5

Shein Curve’s inconsistent sizing is a complaint.

According to customer feedback, customers should use the dimensions chart rather than their typical size.

Shein ClothesSizing
TopsRun small
DressesRun small
SwimwearHalf-size small
Jeans and PantsRun small

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Overall – 4/5

Shein Curve customers are generally pleased with their purchases and the variety of styles. Since returns aren’t easy and the clothes and accessories are so affordable, there’s nothing to lose if you don’t like them.

I have placed tons of orders on Shein and everything has always arrived within a week or 2. They have the cutest items and everything is always as it is in the photo. I always double-check the reviews and sizing chart to make sure it’s right for me. Customer service has been great every time I’ve need to return anything. Love Shein!

Michele M.
The Latest Shein Sizing Reviews (Plus Size Clothing Reviews)

Shein Curve Shopping Cons

1. Shein Return and Exchange Policy

There are no free returns because they won’t provide you with a return label, and shipping to China is expensive and slow.

BBB ratings suggest Shein often ignores or delays returns. They make returning items difficult to discourage you.

I received the item with the button dropped off and also the wrong size. When I return, nobody contacted me for 2 weeks and I don’t know what to do with the item and I could not reach anyone for help. My first experience with return items is definitely not as smooth as other ecommerce retailers.

Alina T.

Tip for consumers:
The refund policy and at least someone that you can either chat online, via WhatsApp, or by phone number. It’s totally unreachable and you feel helpless.

Products used:

2. Quick fashion (falls apart soon)

3. Using children to produce clothing

4. Abhorrent Size Chart.

I ordered 7/8 pieces … the fabric is terrible, horrible. The size is too large for L … it’s more like X Large and the picture is probably photoshop… cause of what I see here. The big mistake I made buying this brand. Please Don’t waste your money. All these pieces are more like potatoes sacks.

Claribel F.

5 Customer Services reviews aren’t in their favor.

I had an issue, and I tried to contact the customer service, first, they don’t have a phone, so I did a live chat with them, they don’t help at all, they don’t think end the chatting without even saying anything. 

Ingie S.

6. They don’t respect religious beliefs.

(Selling Islamic prayers mats as rugs or floral trim carpet)

7. Items like swimwear, purses, and accessories CANNOT be returned to Shein.

8. They have a history of stealing designs from large and small retailers.

After extensive research, we discovered that the drawbacks outweigh the benefits despite low pricing and trendy fashions.

Customer’s Compliment

We researched the most common Shein Curve reviews and listed them here.

  • Check the sizing chart to ensure that your dimensions are correct.
  • With the low pricing, checking out clothing from Shein Curve carries no risk.
  • Before purchasing, look at customer images for each product in the reviews section.
  • Time-consuming shipment.
  • Unsatisfactory customer service.
  • Some people never got their order.
  • After returning merchandise, some still need to receive refunds.

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Shein Curve is a legitimate firm. I recommend reading the Shein curve reviews on any product to see what shopper comments say about sizing and quality for that particular piece.

Additionally, please open your eyes and use your head instead of following your favorite influencer, as they are paid for positive reviews and advertising. They are not responsible for your loss.

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