Best Buy Open Box Return Policy FAQs (You Need to Know)

Best Buy Open Box Return Policy FAQs  (You Need to Know)

Best Buy Open Box is the largest retailer American multinational consumer retailer of electronics items. Best Buy sells its electronics items in the USA, Mexico, and Canada.

Including a variety of electronic items like mobile phones, laptops, video games, digital cameras, music speakers, and video games, and also sell home operation products like refrigerators and washing machines, etc.

However, Best Buy’s policy on returning open-box items can be unclear to many shoppers. The question frequently arises: “What is Best Buy’s policy on returning open-box items?” After conducting research, here is what I found.

About Open Box Product

Are you thinking about returning your best buy used product to the best buy?

Let us understand in brief about open box products. Every company has its own return policy to return or exchange the product.

In some cases sometimes customers had used products but after some time they want to return this used or opened product to the company.

Such a type of used or opened product is called an open box product and the return policy related to them is called an open box return policy.

Best Buy also return or exchange open box or used product on the basis of inspection.

Can I Return Open Box Product to the Best Buy?

Yes, under the Best Buy return policy, you can return your open box or used product.

Best Buy return policy allows you to return open-box items via Email or at a physical store.

  • To make such type of request for a return open box item you will require an item receipt or any proof regarding the purchased item such as a payment receipt, bank statements, etc.
  • The return of the product must be made within 14 days of delivery for standard membership customers, while Elite and Elite Plus membership customers have time limits of 30 to 45 days from delivery.
  • In addition, Best Buy requires that items should be in their original packaging with tags or another branding mark.
  • If the item’s original packaging is not available then its cost will be charged to you.
  • Remember that best buy can deny your request to return the product if its original receipt or product purchase proof is not available. 

What are the Time Limits to Return Open Box Item at Best Buy?

If you want to return, you should remember that the time period begins the day you receive your product and applies to new, refurbished, pre-owned, clearance, and open-box, products.

Member StatusStandardBest Buy Totaltech™ members
Most items15 days60 days
Activatable items*14 days14 days

Does Best Buy Charge for Returns?

Activatable items (excluding prepaid phones)$45
Mirrorless cameras and lenses, Drones, DSLR cameras and lenses, Electric bikes, Leg and body recovery systems, Electric mopeds, Premium camcorders, Projector screens, and Special-order,  Projectors products15% of the item purchase price

This is the fee that would be charged to you or can be deducted from your refund.

Return Exceptions

There are some exceptions to the return policy of best buy for open-box products.

Nonreturnable purchases include

  • Custom orders
  • Prepaid cards (including third-party gift cards and prepaid phone cards)
  • Personalized orders
  • Non-subscription digital content (including digital gaming but excluding Microsoft Office)
  • Vehicle replacement key fobs
  • Memberships
  • Completed services
  • Plumbing items including bidets opened products that interact with bodily fluids
  • Opened SIM kits
  • Opened consumable items including batteries, cleaning agents, oils, fuel, filters, cleaners, health supplements, health test kits, ink, sexual wellness products
  • Trading cards (including Pokémon cards)
  • Home standby generators and 3D printer filament. Also, All final sale merchandise cannot be returned.

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How to Return an Open Box Item to Best Buy?

Under the return policy of Best Buy, you can return your open box or used product.

Best Buy return policy allows you to return open-box items via Email or at a Best Buy store.

How to Return Product to Store?

You can return any item purchased on at the Best Buy store. That means online purchased products can be returned at the store of best buy.

For faster return processing, bring your product receipt (if you received one), your order slip, and a valid photo ID.

Below given are steps and conditions, you should follow them at the time of return.

  • If the return period is not expired then you can return the product.
  • Pack open box items in their original packing.
  • Bring the receipt of the purchased product.
  • Visit the best buy the nearest store to return your item.
  • After fulfilling all conditions you can return your open-box item at the store.

Prepaid Return Label or Requesting by Email 

  • You can get free shipping of items on your return by using a best buy prepaid label.
  • Log in to your Best Buy account to find your order for return.
  • Bring the Print of a prepaid shipping label.
  • Attach the return label to the package and take it to an authorized UPS drop-off location and ship it to best buy under the return policy period.

There are some items like TVs over 50 inches, Major Appliances, Kegerators, and Soda Stream makers that cannot be returned via shipping.

Best Buy does not accept returns that are shipped to us from outside the country.

Best Buy’s return policy on open box items allows customers to request a return by mail or at any physical Best Buy store.

Can I Get My Full refund?

Definitely, you will be able to get your full refund if you are fulfilling all conditions related to the open box item.

  • The product should be in its original condition.
  • Product receipts should be required to get a full refund.
  • Shipping costs that are mentioned above will be charged to you from your refundable amount. The remaining payment will be received by you.

Does Best Buy Open Box Have a Warranty?

  • According to the Best Buy open-box return policy items’ warranty depends on their value and product type.
  • Almost open-box products are covered under warranty, although exceptions may apply.
  • If the manufacturer’s warranty on an open-box item has expired, best buy will not be responsible for it.
  • For instance, if you purchased an open-box MacBook Pro, it would be covered under a warranty of up to 1 year from the date of purchase.


1. Can I return the online purchased product to the best buy store?

Yes, you can return your open-box item to the store. Best Buy allows you to return it by prepaid label via Email request or at the store.

2. Is best Buy different membership helps us for returning open box items?

Yes, there are two types of membership for best buy customer which helps people to get relief from less time to return.

3. Is an open-box item receipt required?

Yes, if you want to return your item, you should be required item receipt or any other item purchase proof.

4. Do I need to pack the product in its original packaging at the time of return?

Yes, if you do not have items the original packaging then this cost will be deducted from your refund.

5. How can I contact the best buy customer service

You can contact by calling 1-866-501-9356 customer service number (toll-free).

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