Stubhub Return Policy and Refund Guide

Stubhub Return Policy and Refund Guide

StubHub is a ticket resale and exchange service. It helps buyers and sellers of tickets for sporting events, concerts, theatre performances, and other live entertainment events.

Have you purchased the wrong ticket? or Did you buy an excessive amount of tickets? and would like to return it? don’t worry you can get your StubHub ticket refund(including any shipping/handling fees).

StubHub Return Policy [Quick Information]

Does StubHub Allow Returns?

Stubhub does not accept returns. is a ticket marketplace that performs as a middleman between ticket buyers and sellers.

Have you made a mistake by purchasing an excessive number of tickets? If yes then, in this case, you can resell your tickets on StubHub and offer someone else the opportunity to attend.

In some cases, StubHub has a policy that protects buyers by requiring ticket vendors to refund money. The “FanProtect Guarantee” is StubHub return policy.

If your tickets do not arrive in time for an event, are not valid for the event stated, or were grossly misrepresented on StubHub, you may be eligible for a refund. It also covers you if an event is cancelled or rescheduled, necessitating the purchase of new tickets.

Reselling Tickets on StubHub

On StubHub, you have two options for reselling your ticket. You can resell your ticket using either an app or a PC. To resale your tickets, follow the instructions below:

  • Select My Tickets‘ from the drop-down menu. After that, tap the order.
  • Select ‘Sell tickets’ from the three dots.
  • Choose the seats you want to sell.
  • Decide on a ticket price and how you will be repaid.
  • Select ‘List tickets‘ from the drop-down menu.

How Can I Request a Refund for a StubHub Ticket?

If your tickets do not arrive in time for an event, are not valid for the event stated, or were grossly misrepresented on StubHub, you may be eligible for a refund.

If any of these tragic events occur, you will be eligible for a refund. Contact StubHub customer care at 1-866-STUBHUB (1-866-788-2482) or as soon as possible. Describe your scenario and include any supporting evidence.

StubHub Refund Ticket by Phone

You can get a refund from StubHub by calling their customer service line. follow the steps below.

  • StubHub will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Make the best possible case for yourself.
  • Give them any information they may need.
  • You will receive an email with instructions on how to receive your refund.

StubHub makes the final decision on whether or not you are eligible for a refund (including any shipping/handling fees).

StubHub Ticket Refund Through Email

Email is another option for requesting a refund. You can request a refund from StubHub by email. If you want to request a refund via email, follow the procedures:

  • Write your request with care.
  • Include the reason for the refund and any supporting documentation.
  • Be patient till you hear back.

StubHub’s FanProtect Guarantee Policy does not have any return policy but in such cases, buyers are eligible for refunds under the FanProtect Guarantee policy. You qualify for a refund in the following situations:

  • Tickets were either never delivered or arrived late.
  • Events were canceled or postponed.
  • At the event, tickets were discovered to be invalid.

If you are in any of the conditions listed above, you should be able to get a refund from StubHub.

Company NameStubhub
Return Time Limit
Restocking FeeNo
Refund / ExchangeA Refund is the only option
Conditions➨ StubHub has the final decision on whether or not you will receive a refund.

➨ You can resell your purchase ticket.

➨ StubHub offers a Fanprotect guarantee policy.

➨ The refund will be issued in the credit for use on a future purchase.
Exceptions Gift cards


Stubhub does not accept returns and does not have a return policy. StubHub is a ticket exchange that is a go-between for ticket buyers and sellers. However, StubHub offers a refund. If you are eligible for a refund you can get a refund over the phone or via email.

The terms and conditions will apply to refunds. Furthermore, If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember to provide us with valuable feedback.

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