Office Depot Return – Exchange and Refund Policy Explained

Office Depot Return – Exchange and Refund Policy Explained

Keep reading this guide if you have any questions, and we’ll answer them all. The Office Depot Return Policy is described so that you can finish the returns process with a few basic tricks.

The Office Depot Corporation is a Florida-based office supply retailer. The company has 1,400 retail locations, an e-commerce site, and a b2b sales division. Office Depot sells Office supplies, Technology, Furniture, Copy & Print, and Shipping Services.

Office Depot Return Policy [without receipt, opened item]

Within 14 days, you can return Office Depot’s Furniture and Technology Item. Unopened products can be returned within 90 days of purchase. You can return unopened CDs, DVDs, Software, and video games within 14 days of the purchase.

According to the Office Depot Return Policy, different products have varied return time limits. If you have your Original Receipt, Packing Slip, eReceipt, or Order Confirmation with you, you can obtain the benefit.

Is The Return Policy at Office Depot and OfficeMax Similar?

On November 5, 2013, Office Max and Office Depot merged. They’ve both built a vast supply chain of office products since then. The Office Depot and OfficeMax return policies are the same.

You can read this article to learn more about refunds for Office Max products. Only the name differs, but the information remains the same.

Office Supplies Return

Within 90 days of purchase, you may return or exchange unopened merchandise. As a result, you will receive a complete refund.

If you purchased your product online(, the date of delivery will be considered the date of purchase. Office Depot Products are not included in this list of office supplies.

Software, CDs & DVDs Return Policy

If the product is unopened and in its original packing, you have 14 days to return it for a full refund. You can exchange any of these items, but only for the same product.

Software that can be downloaded is not refundable or returnable.

Office Depot Holiday Return Policy

Office Depot offers an exceptional Holiday return policy for their customers.

If you bought the product between October 1st and December 24th, you can return it until the 14th of January or until the policy expires, whichever comes first.

Can You Return Online or Pickup Orders at The Office Depot Store?

If you bought something online and picked it up in the store, you can return or exchange it there.

Note: Third-party Office Depot products sold and shipped on are not covered by Office Depot’s return policy, and each individual seller’s return policy is different.

Can I Return An Item Without A Receipt?

Yes, you can. If you return goods without the Original Receipt, you must provide a valid government ID.

If you return a product without a receipt, you will receive a refund in one of several ways, depending on your payment method at the time of purchase. Check out how you will be refunded.

  1. If you return software, CDs, DVDs, or video games without the original receipt, you can only exchange them for the identical item.
  2. Returns on technology products without original receipts are not accepted.
  3. All other returns for items without an Original Receipt will be returned in the form of an Office Depot or Office Max Merchandise Card in the amount of the lowest retail price within the prior 90 days. If the products are still active in Office Depot’s system, they will be returned.

Office Depot has the right to ask for identification and to refuse any exchange or return.

Covid-19 Response

During Covid, Office Depot shuttered all of its locations. People’s health is at risk as a result of the coronavirus epidemic. It is critical to preserve social distance at this time in order to prevent the virus from spreading further, therefore closing the store will assist people to avoid congregating and everyone will be safe.

Therefore, they would be looking for the optimal moment to reopen that didn’t risk the public’s health and safety.

Office Depot Exchange Process

Such thoughts must have occurred to you. For your convenience, we have included the Office Depot Exchange Policy.

  1. If possible, pack your product in its original packaging. Alternatively, it should be packed in a way that it cannot be harmed.
  2. Include the original receipt, as well as a printed e-Receipt, Packing Slip, and Order Confirmation receipt if you purchased it online.
  3. The goods must be in their original packaging and should not have been opened (if policy states for that item).
  4. Now send it to the address on the address label.
  5. For swapping, write the product’s name, product ID, and size (if applicable) on a piece of paper and include it with the merchandise you’re returning.

Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding the return and exchange you can be contacting 1-800-463-3768

What is Office Depot Refund Policy?

They normally provide a refund in the same form of payment that you used previously. The refund usually takes 3-5 business days to arrive in your account. There are some points to consider:

  1. Cash payments will be refunded to you in cash. Also, checks written more than 10 days ago will be repaid as cash only.
  2. If you pay with a check written less than ten days ago or an Office Depot gift card, you’ll get a Merchandise card as a refund.
  3. And if you paid using a credit or debit card at the time of purchase, you’ll get a refund in that form.

If there is a payment delay, it is the responsibility of the institution, not Office Depot.

Office Depot Non-refundable Products

Special order or custom-made items, as well as items purchased directly from the manufacturer, cannot be returned or exchanged unless they are damaged upon delivery. Tech Services have their own set of terms and conditions for each service, so they are not covered by the Depot Office’s return policy.

Refunds are not available for gift cards, prepaid cards, or phone cards. Because each individual card has terms and restrictions that differ from other cards, you will not be able to return, exchange, or use this to purchase another gift.


How to contact Office Depot Customer Service?

For any questions, call 1-800-GO-DEPOT (1-800-463-3768).

Can I return a Web or Catalog Purchase?

You can return or exchange your merchandise in any store or contact 1-800-GO-DEPOT (1-800-463-3768).

Can I return Ink and Toners?

These items can only be exchanged if they are unopened and verified by the original invoice within 30 days after purchase.

Does Office Max Gift Card Accept At Office Depot?

Office Max Gift cards are accepted in Office Depot stores in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and the United States, as well as online and over the phone.


Company NameOffice Depot
Return Time Limit90 Days
Receipt RequiredNot Always
Return LabelYes
Restocking FeeYes
Refund / ExchangeCustomer’s preference
Online PurchaseYou can return and exchange at online and any office depot store.
Original Packaging RequiredYes
Probability of Success ReturnMedium
Conditions➨ Original receipt and packaging

➨ Office Depot offers a Holiday return

➨ 25% restocking fee on special order return

➨ Shipping charges are non-refundable

➨ The refund amount will be issued in an original form of payment or store credit.
ExceptionsGift cards, Prepaid cards, Phone cards, Special order or Custom-made items, Opened and Downloaded software
Start Your Return


The Office Depot Return Policy is all about the items you want to return from your office. Furniture, software, CDs, DVDs, video games, and electronic devices can all be returned within 14 days. Office Depot brand products can be returned at any time, however other brands must be returned within 90 days after purchase. Holiday returns are also accepted, but only until the 14th of January.

Hopefully, you have figured out all of your answers using the information provided. Please write in the space below if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments after reading this article.

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