Does Lululemon Exchange Old Leggings in 2023?

Does Lululemon Exchange Old Leggings in 2023?

There are many reasons you might want to swap out your worn-out leggings for a new pair: maybe they don’t fit as well as they used to, or maybe the fabric has worn down and you’re noticing some pilling. Whatever the reason, we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Does Lululemon Take Back Old Leggings?

YES, the Lululemon Exchange program allows you to send in your used Lululemon Leggings and receive store credit in return.

This is a great way to recycle your old Lululemon Leggings and get some new Leggings at the same time!

How Does It Work?

You can use old Lululemon Leggings as a credit in-store or online. The clothes will be donated to organizations that help those in need while at the same time, you’ll get credit to use on new clothes.

Customers can bring in their used Lululemon Leggings to any store and receive a Lululemon gift card for the value of the items.

The gift card can then be used towards the purchase of new Lululemon Leggings.

Where Can I Go To Get My Credit?

If you are looking to get Lulu credit, the best place to go is the Lululemon Exchange. Here you can send in your Leggings and receive a credit that can be used toward future purchases.

This is a great way to get the latest and greatest from Lululemon without having to spend a lot of money.

How Does The Lululemon Exchange Work?

Lululemon New Leggings Exchange program! This is an opportunity for you to clean out your closet and receive Lulu credit in return.

All you have to do is send in your gently used Lululemon Leggings and they will check it to make sure it meets our standards.

If it does, you’ll receive Lulu credit that can be used online or in-store.

To participate, simply fill out the form on their website and wait for a confirmation email. Once you’ve received the email, pack up your Leggings and ship it off to them using the provided shipping label.

They’ll take care of the rest and let you know when your credit has been processed.

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What You Need to Know About The Lululemon Exchange

If you’re a fan of Lululemon Leggings, then you’ll be happy to know that the company offers an exchange program. That’s right – if you have any Lululemon Leggings that you’re no longer using, you can send it back to the company and receive Lulu credit in return.

Here’s what you need to know about the Lululemon Exchange program:

  • You can only exchange Leggings that were purchased from a Lululemon store or from the company’s website.
  • Leggings must be in good condition
  • You will receive a gift card for the value of your returned Leggings, which can be used towards future purchases.
  • Shipping costs are free for exchanges within the United States, but you will be responsible for shipping costs if you’re exchanging Leggings from outside the country.

So, if you have some old Lululemon Leggings that you’re no longer using, make sure to take advantage of the company’s exchange program. It’s a great way to get some new Leggings and help out the environment at the same time!


The Lululemon Exchange is a great way to get some money back for your old Leggings, and it’s also a way to help out someone who might not be able to afford new Leggings. It’s a win-win situation, and we hope you take advantage of it.

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