Food Lion Return and Exchange Policy Without Receipt + Refund

Food Lion Return and Exchange Policy Without Receipt + Refund

Food Lion is a grocery supermarket that sells groceries and food items. If you are not satisfied with your Food Lion purchase and want to return it, what should you do? All of these issues can be resolved by reading the Food Lion return and exchange policy. We talk about everything in depth here.

What is Food Lion Return Policy?

Food Lion’s mission is to give the highest quality product possible, eliminating the need for returns. But any goods that do not match your expectations will be exchanged or refunded without hesitation. Food Lion does not have a time limit for returns because it is a food producing firm.

Food Lion easily accepts return or exchange of meat, bakery and food items. Baby formula can only be exchanged without a receipt. And identical items(brand, flavor, size) can be exchanged.

You may only return the item in its original condition. If at all possible, include the original label as well as the packaging slip with you when you return the item.

Food Lion Double Money Back Guarantee Policy

Food Lion’s goal is to serve you and your family with the freshest food possible, with a no-hassle guarantee in case you are not completely satisfied. If you don’t get it right the first time, you will get your double money back.

The Food Lion company will pay you double the money back if you return the following product through the double money-back guarantee policy.

Under the double money-back guarantee policy you can return products such as:

  • Food Lion
  • Nature’s Promise
  • CareOne, Etos
  • Limited Time Originals
  • Cha-Ching
  • Always My Baby
  • Companion
  • Smart Living
  • Taste of Inspirations
  • In-Store baked products and produce
  • Meat
  • Deli/bakery and all private brands items in the store. (Find Store Location)

Does Food Lion Accept the Alcohol and Tobacco Returns?

Yes, Food Lion accepts the return of alcohol and tobacco products with some terms and conditions.

Alcohol and cigarette products can only be returned to the store where they were purchased. If alcohol or tobacco is legal in your state, a receipt is required for exchanges or refunds.

But somehow Alcohol and tobacco items can not be returned or exchanged in states like Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, or West Virginia.

Food Lion Exchange Policy

Any product that does not meet your expectations will be happily exchanged by Food Lion. According to the Food Lion exchange policy, the product you wish to exchange should be in its original condition. The exchange depends on the availability of that product.

Products like alcohol and tobacco can be exchanged at the store where they were purchased.

About Food Lion Refunds

As per Food Lion Refund policy, the refund will be issued in the original form of the payment. It could take up to 5-7 business days for the refund to appear in your account.

You are eligible for a refund if you return your purchased item in its original condition. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.

Company NameFood Lion
Return Time LimitNo time limit
Receipt RequiredYes
Return LabelNo
Restocking FeeNo
Refund / ExchangeCustomer’s Choice
Online PurchaseYou can return and exchange at any Food Lion store and Online.
Original Packaging RequiredYes
Probability of Success ReturnMedium
Conditions➨ Original receipt and packaging.

➨ Return your item in original condition only if you want refund.

➨ Shipping charge is non-refundable

➨ The refund amount will be issued in an original form of payment or store credit.
ExceptionsGift Card, alcohol, tobacco, Prepaid Phone Cards, Prepaid Cards, Postage Stamps, Western Union Services, Lottery Tickets.
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This article, according to our research, contains all of the pertinent information about the Food Lion return policy. We also provide details on Food Lion’s return and exchange policies. This article will make it simple for you to return your Food Lion purchases.

You are welcome to ask any questions you may have about Food Lion, as well as provide feedback in the comment box.

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  1. Why is it the Store Managers be in their own personal feelings about refunds/returns and or exchanges and lies to the customers about what they can not return or refund the purchases? Instead of just following the store policy, the store managers or head cashiers, or anyone w authority choose to follow their own thoughts and make their own personal policies. Then end up telling the customers what to do, or what they won’t do(Manager). This is a very big dissatisfying issue. This Will result in loosing customers. It seems as though food lion allows this to continue to happen. Instead of ensuring, enhancing leadership, as well as customer satisfaction w absolutely no hassles.

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