EPSON Return Policy + Exchange & Refund Guidelines

EPSON Return Policy + Exchange & Refund Guidelines

Epson is the brand name for the Seiko Epson Corporation. It is a Japanese electronics firm that is one of the largest producers of computer printers, and image equipment in the world.

Inkjet, dot matrix, thermal, and laser printers for consumer, business, and industrial applications, as well as scanners, laptop and desktop computers, video projectors, timepieces, and other electronic components, are all manufactured by Epson.

Read this article if you have any questions about Epson’s refund and return policies. This guide has been sorted into sections for your convenience.

What is Epson’s Return Policy?

If you are not satisfied with the product you can return it within 30 days. You may have purchased the merchandise in a store or online. You can return your item in-store or online, as per the return policy.

You must keep your purchase receipts as well as any related papers. There will be a restocking fee for merchandise products.

The same return and exchange policy will be applied to the Canada Epson store.

Epson Online Return Policy

The majority of purchases are now made online, the Epson Return Policy also covers online returns. We describe the processes for returning your purchases by mail.

  1. To start, go to the account where you made the purchase and log in.
  2. Go to the order area after logging in and pick the product you want to return.
  3. The return process will begin on the store’s side as well. It will send shipping labels.
  4. Make sure the product must be well packaged with the shipping label. Keep one copy with you at all times.
  5. Remember to keep the invoice as well as all of the paperwork that came with it.
  6. It should be mailed from the post office.

Wait until the item arrives at the store once you have mailed it. You will be sent links to track your order. When the store gets the product, it will provide a refund.

Epson In-store Return Policy

In fact, the Epson Return Policy includes an in-store return policy. In this case, you can walk into a nearby Epson store and return your dissatisfied merchandise. You can return the item within 30 days of purchase.

Follow the simple steps

  • Always keep all of the product’s documentation with you.
  • When making a return, you must also have your purchase receipt with you.
  • Bring the product to the store in its original packaging.
  • Handle the product with care to avoid damaging any parts.
  • After the store approves your product, a refund will be issued.

A 10% charge may be deducted if the product has been opened or the cartridges have been spoiled.

Epson Return Exceptions

Unless the product arrives damaged or defective, Epson 30 days return policy excludes the following since we cannot restock these items for resale such as:

  • Refurbished products
  • Digital Software
  • Opened items such as paper or media packs, ink and toner cartridges, software, projector lamp bulbs, and all adapters & cables.

You will not receive a refund if you have done any of the following, and the store will not accept your item.

  • Any product that has been tampered with, or pieces of a product that have been tampered with.
  • Items related to software.
  • Digital products are non-returnable.
  • If you have tried to access ink cartridges, cables, projector lamps, or bulbs, you will be disappointed.

You will not receive a full refund unless you received a damaged item or the incorrect goods were sent to you. If the store made a mistake, you will receive a full refund within two weeks after returning the item.

Epson Exchange Policy

The Epson Exchange Policy is a service provided by Epson that allows customers to exchange their product for a new, unopened item of the same model within 30 days of purchase.

The policy is available for most printer and scanner products, however, it is not available for any parts or accessories. Customers are eligible for a full refund of the purchase price, minus any applicable shipping fees.

You will get an exchange if the product is in stock. And If the item is not in stock, they will refund the amount of your original purchase.

Epson does not provide any return or exchange on software purchases.

About Epson Refund Policy

Only after the store has received your items will you be given a refund. The amount will be credited to your credit or debit card account. Within 2 weeks of receiving your return, you will get a refund. In the case of in-store returns, you have the option of receiving a cash refund.

Only if the store made a mistake and delivered the wrong goods or a damaged item will the shipping charges be refunded.


1. Can I cancel my order?

Orders are dispatched right away, therefore they can’t be cancelled. You can contact customer service and request that your order not be shipped to your address.

2. How can I contact Epson Customer Service for a return and exchange?

You can call (800) 444-1527 is the number to dial.


Company NameEpson
Return Time Limit30 Days
Receipt RequiredNot Always
Return LabelYes
Restocking FeeYes
Refund / ExchangeCustomer’s preference
Online PurchaseYou can return and exchange it online and at any Epson store.
Original Packaging RequiredYes
Probability of Success ReturnMedium
Conditions➨ Original receipt and packaging

➨ You will get an exchange if the product is in stock

➨ Service charges are non-refundable

➨ The refund amount will be issued in an original form of payment

ExceptionsGift Card, Software, Digital Products
Start Your Return

We hope that you found these guidelines informative to know about the return policy. While here we tried to include all of the key details about the Epson Return policy based on our research.

We have also included a refund and exchange for the same, in addition to the returns. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. I am a retired USAF Nurse Corp senior officer veteran who works with other veterans 4x monthly 4-6 hours each session; providing a free servcie to help vetreans and widows file claims for military services injuries, diseases and deaths of certin veterans sdue to their military service injuries or diseases contacted. The VA is not a user freindly and many just don’t make the effort to get through the red tape, that is what the LORD is leading us to help, our fellow veterans get the compensation they earned from the VA. We use our own printers and couple team mates use Espon printers. Neither is interested in recyling these cartridges and exporing any potential point program that may help them as they purchase ink in the future. I have probalby 10-20 cartridges both black and color from their printers. I would like to ship them to your recycling facility. Interested in finding out to send these to your recycling facitly, need address to put on box or however your want them shipped. I am expecting nothing in rerun for my efforts or cost. DWJ

  2. I had return my purchase directly from the Epson Store for exchange or credit for 30 days from the date of purchase.

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