Walmart Tire Installation Guide (Cost, Package Offers)

Walmart Tire Installation Guide (Cost, Package Offers)

Walmart is a nationwide retailer that has customer service locations in many states across the U.S. The company also has a large fleet of delivery trucks that are used to deliver and pick up products from stores, as well as custom orders from online shopping.

Does Walmart offer tire Installation? This is a question that many people have when they need new tires. The answer is yes and no. Yes, Walmart will install tires on a car, but they will not install tires on a truck or SUV.

This is not a huge inconvenience for drivers, but it can be a big surprise, especially if you are used to getting your wheels changed at your local Walmart.

In this blog post, we will explore why Walmart does not install tires on trucks and SUVs and give a few tips on finding a reliable tire installation service.

Does Walmart Install Tires?

Walmart is a favored destination for purchasing tires, but when it comes to tire installation, the store is not usually accountable. Generally, the duty of installing tires falls on a skilled professional like a mechanic or auto technician. The process of installing tires can be intricate and should only be entrusted to someone knowledgeable in the field.

If you have questions about your tire installation, it’s best to contact a qualified professional. Walmart may be able to help you find a qualified technician in your area.

Even though Walmart carries a wide selection of tires, if you order your tires online, you may be purchasing them from another retailer

When a specific tire is available, Walmart’s website will occasionally provide a list of its affiliate dealers.

What Is the Best Way to Buy Tires from Walmart?

Walmart installs tires by placing them on the rim of the wheel and pressing them down with a large machine.

Although some Walmart locations maintain tires in stock, it’s best to shop online to acquire a wider selection of tire brands and types.

You’ll also save a trip to the store if the tires you desire aren’t available on a particular day!

What Is The Process of Installation?

Walmart provides two methods for tire installation: by the wheel and by the package.

The wheel-and-tire installation process involves removing the wheel from the car, replacing the old tire with a new one, reattaching the wheel, and applying sealant for protection against weathering.

Additionally, the technician installs the bumper cover and taillight cover.

Walmart Tire Installation Package Offers

If you’re looking to get your tires installed at a Walmart location, the retailer is now offering a tire installation package that includes everything you need.

The package includes the installation of the tire, balancing, and rotation. It’s a great option if you’re not sure whether you want to get your tires installed by a professional.

There are two-tier installation packages including Basic Package and Value Package.

Tire Installation PackagesServices IncludedCharges
Basic PackageTire mounting, 50-mile lug re-torque, TPMS service pack, and lifelong balance and rotation.Walmart charges $15 per tire (add $10 for other tires)
Value PackageThe plan includes valve stems, tire mounting, 50-mile lug retorquing, TPMS Service Pack, and a lifetime balance and rotationFor Walmart tires, the price is $25 per tire

Is Installing Tires Difficult and What Types of Tires Does Walmart Sell?

Installing tires at Walmart can pose challenges. Consider factors such as tire size, wheel and tire assembly type, and wheel position on the vehicle. Utilizing the appropriate lug nuts is also commonly emphasized.

Walmart’s new tire section offers a comprehensive range of tires from over 30 recognized tire brands.

In addition to car tires, Walmart sells tires for other vehicles, such as tractors, commercial trucks, and motorcycles.

Then, you can choose a tire depending on its cost or any extra features, like warranties, that particular dealers may offer.

You still purchase the tire from Walmart, however; they will procure it from the supplier and ship it to you using the method of your choice.

Tire-related discounts are available from Walmart, and the retailer’s website advertises particular reductions.

Purchasing tires from Walmart is often less expensive than purchasing them directly from the tire manufacturer.

How Much Does Walmart Tire Installation Cost and How Much Does Tire Warranties?

Walmart charges a required $15 for tire installation for tires you purchased from Walmart, but if you already have tires installed, then it will charge $10 for every other tire.

CompaniesWheel AlignmentTire RotationTire Installation Flat Tire Repair 
Walmart$50$14 per tire$4 per tire$15 per tire
Firestone$80 before taxes$9.99/4 tires$65$20
Pep Boys$85-$115$14.99 per tire$15.73 per tire$19.99
Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignments

Walmart Wheel Alignment Services: Should you trust them? Here’s what to look out for when looking for a wheel alignment service.

Walmart offers a discounted service package for new tires, although this is only available on the Walmart tires you purchase.

It is recommended that if you buy Walmart-branded tires elsewhere and get them installed, be sure to read the warranty package.

When installing tires, you need to know how the warranty process relates. It makes sense to cost-effectively shop for vehicle needs by checking in at Walmart.

Check out the video of Our experience with Walmart Tires road hazard warranty / Should you buy it?

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