Does USPS Deliver On Sunday? (First Class, Priority Mail + More)

Does USPS Deliver On Sunday? (First Class, Priority Mail + More)

Yes, USPS offers deliveries on weekends, including Sundays. However, USPS offers this delivery facility on Sunday for Amazon packages as well as Priority Express mail. So, IF you order any product on Friday and get it delivered on Sunday.

USPS is the most common name in every household throughout the country. These are the go-to option for delivering every sort of package and product.

USPS, aka United States Postal Service, is commonly known to deliver fast and secure mail to every country. USPS delivers their orders through USPS.

If you wonder if USPS delivers products on Sunday, then the answer is Yes; but under certain circumstances.

Only a few types of primary and main orders of Amazon prime users are delivered by USPS.

If you are not a prime member of Amazon, your order might not be delivered if it is not a priority mail and on Sunday.

But if your order is highly urgent and requires to be delivered faster than normal, then the package will be delivered on Sunday as well.

But this only happens when there is a high demand for the delivery and if USPS covers the area. In other words, USPS delivers on Sunday but only under certain situations.

What is USPS?

USPS stands for United States Postal Service. It is one of the most common names in delivering packages and letters.

The only option customers have when sending their urgent letters and packages from one point to another is USPS.

USPS is a government, after all, and it has a strong customer base all around America.

Even Amazon Prime, which has its delivery system named Amazon Flex, delivers its packages through USPS.

Delivery Hours of USPS on Saturday

USPS does not deliver on Sunday as well, like FedEx and DHL. But USPS does on Saturday as well for their priority service of delivery.

The delivery time of your mail through USPS depends upon the volume of your mail and the distance between the warehouse and the delivery location.

For letter deliveries, there is no significant difference between Saturdays and weekdays.

You can expect small packages and mail with regular delivery hours and times.

USPS is the only choice customers have when they want to send a package or letter to other parts of the country faster.

Not only does USPS deliver its letters in a fast and secure manner, but it also has its database is known as Delivery Confirmation System (DCS), which enables customers to track their orders till delivered.

Therefore, the chances are high that your order will be delivered in low time by USPS if you use Priority Mail or First Class Mail.

The primary function of USPS is to deliver mail and packages all across America within a short period and to every type of location possible.

Does USPS Deliver Mails And Orders On Sunday?

Yes, USPS delivers on Sunday but only under certain situations. The specific packages and items of shipments are restricted when it comes to delivery on Sunday.

This again is based on the availability of the personnel in the USPS office and the volume of packages or mail in your hand.

It is also taken into consideration that weekends can be very busy days for shipping through USPS.

However, the main reason why you should not expect to get your order delivered by USPS if you are using a weekday or weekday delivery is that they do not deliver mails after Noon.

It is also not advisable to order any package on Sunday unless you have a high-priority one. This means that you can expect fast and secure delivery through USPS on weekdays but not on Sunday as well.

Reasons Why USPS Delivers On Sunday

It is highly recommended that your order be delivered within 2-3 days after it was ordered.

Many factors determine the speed of your mail, including the type of service you are paying for and the specific distance between the warehouse and the delivery location.

You should always order products and goods through USPS before Noon to be delivered within 1-2 days after Noon, which is considered the standard normal time of every business activity.

USPS Different Types of Mail Services - USPS Deliver On Sunday?

Different Types of Mail Services Offered By USPS

USPS offers a wide range of mail services, including Express Mail, Priority Mail, and First Class Mail.

The speed and time of delivery also depend upon which type of service you are using. Express Mail is the most secure mail, and it takes the least time to deliver your order.

A few common types of delivery services offered by USPS include:

Priority Mail

The normal delivery time for priority mail is around 1 to 3 days. However, slight variations are seen depending on the source address and delivery station factors. This mail service is ideal for sending documents and small packages. If you are looking for faster delivery for packages over 13 ounces, priority mail is the best option.

Priority Mail Express Services

This is considered one of USPS’s fastest and most secure types of mails services. This type of service offers guaranteed delivery within 2 to 3 days, depending on the warehouse’s distance to the delivery point. You can get your order on time if you use this mail service as it is very fast in delivering orders. But it also costs more than any other type of mail service offered by USPS.

Priority Mail Express Saver

Similarly, it is also one of USPS’s fastest types of mail services. It is not as fast as priority mail but tends to be faster than First Class Mail or Standard Post mail. But this mail service does not provide any guarantee for delivery time. The delivery time is highly dependent on other factors like source address and station of delivery.

Priority Mail Express Plus

This type of service provides guaranteed delivery within 1 to 3 days. Still, in some cases, it can take more than three days to deliver products after placing an order through this type of service if they have a very high volume order and are using more than multiple post offices across the country.

Media Mail

The normal delivery time for media mail is three to five days. This type of service usually works for us, where we need to send C.D.s, DVDs, and Video CDs. However, shipping media and C.D.s separately might be an option as well. However, this type of service is only available with First Class Mail.

Most Amazon Prime subscribers can only use the delivery options of USPS. However, if you are not a prime member, then your package might not be delivered on Sunday provided that it is not a priority type mail and if it is on Sunday.

To Sum Up!

First-Class and Priority mail are not delivered on Sundays, but Priority Express and Amazon packages are delivered on Sundays and Saturdays.

USPS delivers to NYC and Florida even on Sundays.

The Sunday delivery fee for Priority Express shipping is $12.50, but it comes with the guarantee that your order will arrive by 6:30 p.m.

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