Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay in 2023?

Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay in 2023?

As of 2023, payment through Apple Pay is accepted at almost every outlet of Mcdonald’s. Mcdonald’s has over fourteen thousand outlets in the United States, and Apple Pay is accepted as a means of payment at each of them. In addition,some outlets outside the USA also take Apple Pay as a payment method.

Almost every customer goes through this dilemma of whether Mcdonald’s accepts Apple Pay for making payments. There are ideas in both favors and against this statement. To clear every doubt, Mcdonald’s does accept Apple Pay for its payment.

You can use your apple pay application to make payments for your orders at Mcdonald’s. And the best part is, it doesn’t involve any transaction charges and provides a completely secure interface for making payments.

How To Make Payment With Apple Pay At McDonald’s?

If you are at Mcdonald’s and are currently out of cash, you can always use Apple Pay to make payments. To make payment from your iPhone at any Mcdonald’s outlet, just follow these steps.

  • At first, you will need to set up an Apple ID and password for your apple pay. If you don’t have one, get it here. It is free to create an account so use it.
  • Next, you will need to go to the app store and download Apple Pay from there and finally log into your account after finishing setting up your password on your smartphone.
  • Then you will need to select the store where you want to make payment from your iPhone.
  • At last, you need to slide your finger on the home button on your iPhone and accept the code, which appears as a genuine confirmation of payment.

Apple Pay is one of the most popular mobile payment systems in the world today. It works anywhere a credit or debit card is accepted, including Mcdonald’s.

So you can use it for paying at McDonalds without even leaving your seat or without taking out a purse.

Using Apple Pay At McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Are you driving into a McDonalds drive-through? If this is a common occurrence for you, it is time to take advantage of the pay by Apple Pay feature.

You can use your iPhone to make payments at the restaurant’s drive-thru to buy food without having to get out of your car. Here are the instructions:

  • Tap the button on the bottom of your iPhone, which will appear as “Pay with Apple Pay” or something similar
  • At last, open up Apple Pay on your smartphone and sign in with your Apple ID. It is free to create one so use it!
  • Next, you will need to slide down on the iPhone home button and accept the code that appears. This code acts as a confirmation of your payment.
  • Proceed to the next screen. You will see a QR code that you need to show to the cashier at the window.
  • Tap “Next,” and voila, you are done!

While making a drive-thru, the worker will assist you by holding their payment terminal outside the window.

This way, you can hold your phone easily over this terminal and get done with payment without leaving your car.

Is Apple Pay Safe To Use?

Apple Pay is a very secure payment system. First of all, you will need to have a credit or debit card with Apple Pay support. If your card supports this facility, the bank will verify your identity before you make a payment.

In addition, Apple uses TouchID technology inside its iPhones and iPads to verify your fingerprint and confirm the transaction.

This technology makes Apple Pay safe to use as it prevents hackers from entering your account through any unauthorized means.

Also, your card details are not stored on your device or by Apple. This means neither of these two parties cannot leak them. So you don’t need to worry about making payments through Apple Pay. It is perfectly safe.

Apple Pay is faster to make payments at Mcdonald’s than cash. Don’t you hate having to wait for a cashier to process all the payments? It can take a lot of time if many people are present in the queue with you.

But there is an easy way out of this issue. The pay with Apple Pay feature allows you to skip the queue and make payments from your mobile device without wasting any time at all.

What Are The Charges Involved With Using Apple Pay?

Using Apple Pay is beneficial in many ways, but it might not always be entirely free. The fee depends on your bank and the situation.

For example, when you make a payment with your credit card at a Mcdonalds’, you need to pay the usual fees for this service. Some banks also charge fees for making payments with some other types of cards.

If you make payments from a debit card or prepaid card, there will be no charge for this transaction as it is free of cost.

However, some banks will charge an Apple Pay fee if you use a credit card. Also, this will vary from bank to bank, so check with your bank first before using Apple Pay at McDonald’s.

Is There Any Limit To It?

There is no limit to using Apple Pay at McDonald’s. The only limit that you need to worry about is the transaction limit of your bank. First, check if your bank allows the use of Apple Pay and the amount they allow you to make each month.

You can check if your bank charges any fees for using or not using Apple Pay. Go to your online banking account and click on “Fee Info.” If there are any fees, it will appear with a big red letter saying “Apple Pay: Fees.”

Know that you won’t be charged a fee every time you use Apple Pay, but also know that sometimes debit card transactions are subject to fees, so check with your bank.

How To Resolve Your Problems With Using Apple Pay?

If you are having any problems using Apple Pay at McDonald’s, then there are several things you can do. One of the things you can do is call your local McDonalds and have them solve your problem.

Then, if they cannot solve it, you can keep calling them until they do. In this way, you will be able to solve any issues that may arise.

  • Another thing that you can do is make a complaint on their official websites. These are the places where customers are allowed to leave feedback about their services or anything else, along with their comments.
  • Apple has set up its mobile payment system to replace the magnetic stripe card method of payment used by traditional banks. It is called Apple Pay and works similarly to other mobile wallets such as Google Wallet and Samsung Pay, but it is different in a few ways.

When using the Apple Pay feature at McDonalds, you can make payments without touching your iPhone or iPad. You can use your fingerprint or passcode to do this as well.

This means that you will only need to put your iPhone within centimeters of a scanner at the cash register if you want to make a payment.

Where Can I Use Apple Pay?

You can use Apple Pay at 24 million merchant locations worldwide, including banks, mass transit systems, grocery stores, airlines, and more.

Here is the comprehensive list of merchants that will accept Apple Pay payments. Various brand outlets, services, and merchants support Apple Pay for payment in exchange for their service. Some of these include

  • Burger King
  • Baskin Robins Shops
  • White Castle Outlets
  • Wendy’s
  • KFC
  • Taco Bell
  • Panera Bread
  • Taco Bell
  • Arby’s

The list is so long for merchants accepting Apple Pay. So go out and starts exploring on your own. You will find that thousands of businesses and services are happily inclined towards accepting payments through Apple Pay.  

The Bottom Line

Mcdonald’s is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in the world. It is spread in about 118 countries. Mcdonald’s offers their customers excellent services with a variety of payment options. You can easily and quickly use almost any means of payment, including Apple Pay, credit-debit cards, etc. However, if you do not know how to facilitate any transaction using Apple Pay at Mcdonald’s, you can take help from this guide.

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