Barnes and Noble Return Policy [Online Refund & Exchange]

Barnes and Noble Return Policy [Online Refund & Exchange]

Barnes & Noble is an American bookseller. The company operates 614 retail stores in the USA. Most stores sell books, newspapers, magazines, DVDs, games, gifts, toys, graphic novels, Nook e-readers, and tablets.

If you bought a product from Barnes and noble, and after you change your mind and want to return or exchange? You just need to read Barnes and Noble return policy. Here we provide some relevant information that will make your return easy.

About Barnes and Noble Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase item, you can return it within 30 days of the purchase. Your return item must be in its original condition and the original receipt is required.

You can return your purchased product at any Barnes and Noble store or online.

How To Return an Item That You Purchased from

You can return your online purchase within 30 days of the shipping with the original receipt or your packing slip. All your returned items must be unopened and in their original condition.

You can read the specific instructions for returns in your packing slip, and they provide a pre-printed return label with their returns department address.

What Is Barnes and Noble Store Return Policy?

Barnes and noble’s In-store return policy is the same as its standard return policy. You have 30 days return window for the in-store return. You required your original cash receipt when you make a return.

For an in-store return, you just need to bring your purchase product to your local Barnes and noble store with your original receipt and they will arrange your refund.

Can You Return An Item To Barnes and Noble Without a Receipt?

When you return your order without a receipt to Barnes and noble, you will get a store credit, not an outright refund. Your return item must be in resalable condition and unopened.

If you do not have an original receipt or packing slip, you can print out the shipping confirmation email and include that printout in the box, and write your order number on the outside of the box. You may get your refund.

Items That Cannot Be Returned at Barnes and Noble?

There are some items that you can not be returned.

  • NOOK digital content and other downloaded purchases
  • Quamut products
  • Access Codes
  • Gift cards
  • Shrink-wrapped items that have been opened
  • Downloadable PDFs for SparkNotes

What Is Exchange Policy At Barnes and Noble?

There is no specific instruction about Barnes and noble exchange policy. But you want to exchange your product for another one, you can return your purchase product within 30 days of purchase for a refund. And place a new order.

You have to require the original receipt or packing slip, and your item must be in its original condition and unused.

Barnes and Noble Refund Policy

All the refunds are made in the original form of the payment, whether you return in-store or online. Your refund amount will be issued within 30 business days.

If you return an item without a receipt, you will receive a store credit. Shipping charges are non-refundable.


Company NameBarnes and Noble
Return Days30 days
Receipt RequiredYes
Return LabelYes
Restocking FeeNo
Refund / ExchangeCustomer choice
Online PurchaseYou can return or exchange your online order at any Barnes and noble retail store or online
Original Packaging RequiredYes
Probability of Success ReturnMedium
Conditions➨Original packaging and receipt
➨Return without a receipt and you will get store credit
➨Your item must be in its original condition
➨Shipping charges are non-refundable
➨The refund will be issued in an original form of payment.
ExceptionsGift cards, NOOK Books, magazines, bulk order of 50 or more copies
Start Your Return


Here we are discussing some relevant information about Barnes and Noble’s return policy. They offer 30 days return window for customers. You have to make sure that your return item must be unopened and undamaged. And you need to save your purchase receipt or packing slip for at least 30 days.

We hope the provided information will solve your queries and will make your return process easy. If you have any other questions about Barnes and Noble’s returns, feel free to ask in the comment section, and don’t forget to share your feedback.

4 thoughts on “Barnes and Noble Return Policy [Online Refund & Exchange]”

  1. I purchased a small sketchbook from Barnes and Nobles approximately 2 weeks ago. I lost my receipt. I returned it today in exchange for a larger notebook. Didn’t realize it until I got home, but they only gave me $1 in store credit for my $7.99 purchase. This is extremely irritating. The little book even had the $7.99 price on the back of it. I will be going back tomorrow but am quite sure they will do nothing to help me. It is my bad for not noticing as I was in a hurry, but just how do you get $1 from $7.99. I do not get it. Anyway, just my experience with them.

  2. I was given a puzzle purchased from Barnes and Noble to bide my time after surgery. By the time I had the opportunity to use the puzzle, I realized that my puzzle board does not accommodate the puzzle size purchased. I would like to ‘exchange’ the puzzle for another puzzle – one that would accommodate my puzzle board. As you know Barnes and Nobles company policy, no refunds/exchanges after 30 days. I did contact a local bookstore who carries the same puzzle. They are in agreeance to exchange the puzzle for another puzzle (even though purchased from Barnes and Noble); and a great place to start purchasing my leisure reading and class group reading books. Also, I contacted 9 large retail outlets that handle puzzles and 8 of them confirmed an exchange as long as the puzzle is in excellent condition/never-used. Barnes and Noble = D- in retail customer service.

    Another positive thought; I teach a business course at a local higher educational institution; BUS 3218 Large Chain Store Perception and the Reality of Retail. This non-return situation has given a great platform for a lecture and student research assignment. 216 registered students for the Fall 2023 semester. There’s always a positive outcome to a retail outlet that doesn’t flow with the public purchase patterns; Store name will be included in the lecture. Thank you for your time in reading this ‘Leave a Comment’ moment.

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